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Glen D’rcy is a legendary surfboard shaper from Jeffreys Bay and has a great understanding of any existing surfing craft. He has shaped over 50.000 surfboards in his life. Getting him involved in the project has been a great help and got us, in terms of shapes and designs that we needed, to the point in no time! Andy Wirtz, a pioneer in kitesurfing since the early nineties, has been involved in board designs since over 20 years, whether it is surfboards, SUP boards or windsurf boards. Thanks to Glen’s knowledge in the shaping bay and Andy´s experience n the water the SEAFLIGHT range by norden-surfboards guarantes you the best performance and durability on the market. !

Compared to regular surfboards the SEAFLIGHT surf-kiteboards are built in a stronger more durable construction that still has the similar flex pattern and performance as standard surfboards. Whether you want to ride with straps or strapless, we offer board constructions for all needs.


Carbon Surf - EPS/ Epoxy/ Carbon: A very light EPS core combined with a PVC sandwich deck, glassed with epoxy resin and biaxial carbon and fiberglass, this is the strongest and lightest construction we built. Equipped with footstrap plugs, FCS2 fin system, in a matt brushed colour finish. The carbon surf construction comes with tail pad and foot strap screws. Fins and footstraps are not included.

PURE SURF – PU/Polyester: A PU blank laminated in polyester resin with S-glass fibreglass, vector carbon deck and directional carbon flex band on the bottom. This is a refined classic surfboard construction that offers the best performance for pure strapless riding. Equipped with FCS2 fin system . fins or pads are not included.